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Is There a Role for Cash in Your Investment Portfolio?

Here’s what the experts say… It’s been said that “cash is king,” but what exactly does that mean for your investment portfolio? Most financial professionals will advise you to have a certain amount of cash on hand for emergencies, but, as a long-term investment strategy, cash is never a good idea. However, that does not […]

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Always Running Out Of Money?

The Basics of Budgeting We all know the value of budgeting in reaching and maintaining your financial goals. However, budgeting does not come easy to most folks, and especially in these harsh economic times, it could be that much harder. Whether you are facing financial losses due to the pandemic, or not, the key to […]

credit card debt

Don’t Forget to Ask for COVID-19 Credit Card Relief!

Ask For Help While You Can… It is understandable that you may need to reach for the credit cards when times get tough. We all know that accumulating large amounts of credit card debt can put a drag on our financial goals. However, when things get tight there may just be no other choice. This […]

Tired Of Being Home?

Here Are Travel Bargains You Should Take Advantage of Right Now! Many people’s travel plans were put on hold because of the COVID-19 crisis. So, it has become a real buyers’ market in the travel industry. Deals abound on everything from cruises, to flights, to hotel rooms. But should you take advantage of them? In […]

How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Taxes?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many financial issues — but how has it affected taxes? Many of the efforts that the federal government has put forth to ease the economic impacts of the pandemic have also resulted in some key changes regarding the tax obligations of individuals and businesses.  These include, but are not limited […]

Is It Time To Rethink Estate Planning?

This may sound harsh, but with the US COVID-19 death toll now over 100,000, the first and foremost issue is to be sure that you do indeed have an estate plan. If you do not, the people you want to inherit your assets after your demise may not get what you want them to.  If […]

The Investments You Should Be Making Right Now…

With the markets spinning like a weathervane in a hurricane, you may think now is not time to be investing. However, every crisis also brings with it some opportunity. There are some moves you should be making in the market right now to not only protect, but possibly even improve, your portfolio. Despite steady drops […]

Maintain Your Financial Goals During the Pandemic …

Are you dealing with serious financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? Even if you have not lost your job, or had to shutter business, you are undoubtedly experiencing some loss of income. Although many states are beginning to reopen, the economy will not immediately ramp back up to the way it was before the […]