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Preparing For Retirement

How to Prepare for Retirement Right Now

Are you close to retirement? If you are only a few years or months away, here are four moves the financial experts say you need to make right now to prepare for retirement. 1. Put More in Your IRA or 401(k) Social Security may provide a substantial chunk of income for you during your later […]

Stock Market Crash

Stock Market Crash: Five Reasons Not to Worry

If there is one thing that is certain about the stock market, it is that stocks will rise and stocks will tumble. They sometimes even crash. The idea of a stock market crash — especially in these trying times — sounds scary. But here are five reasons why you do not have to worry about […]

Best Retirement Plans

The Best Retirement Plans for 2021

A New Year is a great time to start thinking about making changes to your retirement plans. As always, there are many options for retirement plans. What are the best types of retirement plans available in 2021? Of course, the best retirement plan depends on your individual situation. If you have taxable income or work […]

Medical Bill Clipboard

How to Deal With Medical Debt

Did you know that according to the American Journal of Medicine, more than half of people who file personal bankruptcy name hospital bills as the primary reason? An average single day in the hospital costs around $10,000. Plus, millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured. So, it’s easy to see why. What are you to […]

Nest Egg With Money

How to Prepare for Retirement As a 30-something

Retirement may be the furthest thing on the minds of most people in their 30s. However, financial experts say this is exactly the time to start to get serious about planning for retirement. Here are three things that “30-somethings” should be doing to prepare for retirement. 1. Start Small The great thing about learning how […]

Retirement Planning

Women and Saving for Retirement: Why It’s Harder

Saving for retirement is not easy for anyone. It takes quite a bit of planning, and more often than not, some professional help. For women, saving for retirement can be even more difficult. A recent report from the National Institute for Retirement Security (NIRS) found that women are at a disadvantage with their retirement savings. […]

Save Money

How to Cut Back and Save During the Pandemic

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been creating financial hardships for millions of Americans. Here are four ways to reduce your expenses and start saving during the pandemic. Food Spending In the early days of the pandemic, when many families found themselves shuttered in and cut off from eating out at restaurants, they turned to delivery […]

Identity Thief

Do I Really Need Credit Monitoring?

Certainly, you are aware of the rampant problem of identity theft and credit card fraud. You have also probably heard about the many “credit monitoring” services. These services claim they can protect your personal finances against hackers and identity thieves. What do the experts say? Do you really need credit monitoring? All of the financial […]

Early Retirement

More Millennials Are Retiring Early

Is there a silver lining to the COVID-19 crisis? There are millions of Americans on unemployment and facing other financial hardships caused by the pandemic. However, there are others who may be experiencing an unexpected benefit. Those who have been fortunate enough to keep their jobs while working from home are finding that the money […]

Tablet With Social Security Written On It

When to Claim Social Security Benefits

Are you close to retirement? These days there are very few retirees that can “fully retire” on Social Security income alone. Still, that does not mean you are not looking forward to the little extra cushion that SSA benefits can provide.  But before you count on that monthly check or direct deposit, remember that all […]