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How to Make Money From Side Hustles!

29-year-old  Destiny Adams has built nearly a $160K annual income. She did so by adding a couple of “side hustles” to her main career. She says it’s not easy, but you can do it too. Here’s how to make money from side hustles! Destiny told CNBC that she doesn’t believe in “days off.”  The millennial […]

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

What is an “umbrella” insurance policy, and how do I know if I need one? If you have significant assets that you need to protect, standard homeowner’s liability insurance may not be enough. Liability insurance protects you and your family’s finances from major disasters, such as a lawsuit against you. For example, if you crash […]

Where Is Your Money Going?

Do you ever look at your bank statement at the end of the month and wonder, “where the hell did all of my money go?” If so, you are not alone. But there is a simple way to fix the problem and answer the question – with a budget! Madison Sharick, manager of financial planning […]

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Three Top Social Security Myths Busted!

Social Security is a much-needed lifeline for many American seniors. Still, there is a lot of things people do not understand about Social Security Insurance. Here are three of the most common myths and misconceptions about Social Security. 1. The System is on the verge of bankruptcy Social Security may have its financial woes, but […]

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Saver’s Credit – Earn Extra Retirement Money for FREE!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have over a quarter of million dollars in extra retirement savings? You can, and here’s the best part: the federal government is just giving it away! It’s not very often that you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money. But some Americans have a prime opportunity to […]

How To Increase Savings

How to Increase Savings!

You can increase savings and achieve your financial goals. It just takes a lot of patience and persistence.   A harsh lesson learned by quite a few Americans during the pandemic was the danger of not having built up adequate savings for an emergency. A recent survey found that many Americans don’t have the cash […]

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The Covid-19 Pandemic: What We’ve Learned

The coronavirus pandemic has caused economic upheaval for millions of Americans. But as difficult as crises can be, there are often lessons to learn from every kind of disaster. Here are seven personal finance lessons we can all learn from the Covid-19 pandemic. 1. Have an Emergency Fund One clear lesson from the past tumultuous […]

First Time HomeBuyer

If You Are a First Time Homebuyer, Do These Right Now!

Despite the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 crisis, mortgage rates are at historic lows. There is also a good supply of houses for sale on the market. That is a combination that is creating a glut of first-time homebuyers. If you are a first-time homebuyer, here are three particularly important things the experts say […]


Millennials Finding Financial Advice on TikTok!

Despite taking some knocks from older folks, Millennials are a pretty smart bunch. They also seem to know when to seek advice about stuff they don’t know, particularly managing their personal finances. I trust that they often turn to websites like this one for sound financial advice. However, it also appears that they are finding […]

How to Turn 100K Into a Million for Retirement!

Some people look at rising costs and lament that, “I’ll have to be a millionaire when I retire!” Though they may say that somewhat facetiously, accumulating a million dollars for retirement may be much more achievable than you think — especially if you can start now with $100,000. All it takes to turn 100k into […]