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Simple Ways To Boost Your Odds Of Credit Card Approval

No one likes to be rejected, especially when it comes to putting yourself out there financially. Maybe you noticed an enticing rewards credit card offer with benefits and points galore — but perhaps you’re worried about not being able to snag that approval. Here are some simple tips for boosting your odds of approval for […]

How To Remove Items From Your Credit Report

So you just looked at your credit report and had a mini-heart attack upon noticing an error? Understandable. Errors on your credit report can make your score lower than it should be, which in turn affects your ability to obtain a loan, credit card, or favorable rates. Not to worry, though. Getting those errors removed […]

DIY: How To Fix Bad Credit

If you’ve carried large credit card balances, overdue student loans, piles of medical bills, or any other number of financial woes that plague Americans — you might have below average or “bad” credit. While there are companies and services out there that can help you fix your credit — why dole out your hard-earned money […]

Six Ways You Can Build Credit

One marker of adulthood is when someone first asks to check your credit. From purchasing a new cell phone to buying your first home, your credit score plays a big role in your financial life. Your credit report is used by businesses and lenders to establish how much you’re able to borrow, and often determines […]

How To Get Preapproved for a Mortgage in 4 Steps

If you’re starting to shop around for a home, you’re likely wondering, “How much house can I afford, anyway?” This is where mortgage preapproval comes in handy. Getting preapproved for a mortgage allows you to enter the homebuying process armed with the knowledge you’ll need to let sellers know you’re serious, and secure that final […]

How To Buy Homeowners Insurance in 6 Steps

Buying a home is arguably the most important financial decision one can make in their lifetime. That’s why homeowners insurance (AKA home insurance) isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. We’ll walk you through the steps you need to take in order to obtain the right homeowners insurance policy for you. Step 1: Understand your homeowners […]

How To Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance is paramount to financial security, but no one is really chomping at the bit to start the process. It can be confusing, boring, and a bit morbid. But if someone relies on you for financial support, like a spouse or a child, it’s definitely a good idea to obtain life insurance. We’ll walk […]

How To Buy Auto Insurance in 6 Steps

If you own a car, you almost certainly pay for auto insurance. Most states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of car insurance, and even in the two states where insurance isn’t required —  drivers are still financially liable for any damage they cause behind the wheel. No matter where you are in the […]

What Is Debt Consolidation, and How Does It Work?

Debt consolidation piles debt from multiple sources and puts it in one place, which makes the repayment process a bit simpler. Consolidating your debt can also allow you to reduce the interest rate or total amount of what you owe. Rather than keeping track of multiple lenders, due dates, or interest rates, debt consolidation gives […]

How To Pay Off Debt: 5 Easy, Expert-Approved Tips

Debt can often feel like a giant weight on your shoulders that prevents you from obtaining the hings you want. Having debt can affect your quality of life and impact your well being, and the relationships with those around you. Also, any time you need to borrow funds, say for a house or a car, […]