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How To Buy Auto Insurance in 6 Steps

If you own a car, you almost certainly pay for auto insurance. Most states require drivers to carry a minimum amount of car insurance, and even in the two states where insurance isn’t required —  drivers are still financially liable for any damage they cause behind the wheel. No matter where you are in the […]

What Is Debt Consolidation, and How Does It Work?

Debt consolidation piles debt from multiple sources and puts it in one place, which makes the repayment process a bit simpler. Consolidating your debt can also allow you to reduce the interest rate or total amount of what you owe. Rather than keeping track of multiple lenders, due dates, or interest rates, debt consolidation gives […]

How To Pay Off Debt: 5 Easy, Expert-Approved Tips

Debt can often feel like a giant weight on your shoulders that prevents you from obtaining the hings you want. Having debt can affect your quality of life and impact your well being, and the relationships with those around you. Also, any time you need to borrow funds, say for a house or a car, […]

How To Get a Home Improvement Loan in 3 Easy Steps

A home improvement project can help improve your surroundings and, arguably, your quality of life. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of home renovations and remodels is $46,713, so it is understandable that many people look to home improvement loans to help fund these sorts of ventures.  Before you apply for one though, you’ll need […]

How To Get An Auto Loan in 5 Easy Steps

Purchasing a vehicle is likely to be one of the bigger financial decisions you’ll make in your life. According to Lending Tree, Americans take out about $56 billion in auto loans each month…

How To Get a Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans, a type of second mortgage, have increased in popularity within the last few years. In 2018, TransUnion projected that 1.6 million home equity lines-of-credit would be originated — doubling the number previously seen in 2013.

How To Apply For A Small Business Loan

Starting a small business is no small feat. It requires know-how, resilience, and resourcefulness. Even under the most ideal circumstances, running a business is not for the faint of heart. Taking out a small business loan can help you start or maintain your business, but it can also be a daunting process where many questions […]

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The Crashing Value of the Dollar is About to Destroy your IRA or 401(k)

For $100,000 IRA or 401(k) Portfolios & Up… this “Loophole” could help Are you worried your money isn’t buying what it used to? You’re not alone. We all see our dollars buying less at the grocery store. Which means the value of your retirement savings is being crushed. What really makes us worry is … […]

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When to Start Investing Your Money

If you have money sitting around your house or in a savings account, you may be able to do better in terms of getting more interest. There are many ways to earn more income on your money. However, not everyone is in a position where they should start investing. For some people, there may be […]

Save Money and Live More Comfortably in Retirement…

You have worked hard all your life and likely spent several of those years thinking about what you want to do once you retire. Since most people find they have limited funds to spend after retiring, it makes sense not to spend it too fast or frivolously. By using some of the following ways to […]